Interior Architect


AD004_Interdisciplinary Workshop_MSc 1st

Feb. 2020 
Location: Mirny Mine, Russia
Team: Elisa Lazzarotto, Francesca Maggioni, Gian Marco Bergonzini, Margot Silvestrini, Valeria Escobar, Lotta Petersen and Luca Giussani.


‘The extracted land is a process of dematerialization, so philosophically we rematerialize the hole by generating a new city with memories and living material.'

Global urbanization has brought overpopulation of cities, as a result of exceeding the usage of natural resources and spreading urban lifestyle to main capitals. Through "BelowZero" project, we tried to approach a new significance to this situation by developing a post-industrial transformation with a new point of view.

How can we inhabit differently?

Deconstructing the way we inhabit the planet now. In our preliminary concept of Co-existence. We analyzed and represented the site in three different factors: socially, territorially and climatically. This led us to have a number of layers of data representing the different dynamics of the actual conditions of the city to represent the multiplicity of the territory.