Interior Architect


EX002_ Ephemeral Space Design studio_ MSc 1st 

Jan. 2020 - Jun. 2020
Location: New York, USA
Team: Elisa Lazzarotto, Francesca MaggioniAdvisor: De Lucchi Michele, Balena Arista Francesca, Greco MarioFull design portfolio visible in issuu


This work was a practice of transforming and developing abstract thought. Exploring the intangible concept of diversity, the installation Living Bridge proposal aims to provide a possible solution for future scenarios - flooded cities. Symbiosis embraces the  two different elements in creating new wonders and dynamics.

Based on the consequence of climate changes, humans create living bridges that “invited nature to   intervene” and to reconnect buildings and cities. Living Bridge only utilizes seawater and rigid metal mesh in order to create natural structural elements Biorock that is constantly growing and solidifying. 

We want to explore the symbiotic relationship between human and nature and wherever it can be an opportunity to create something better for our world. This installation allows one to experience moments of personal reflection as well as enjoy the beauty of diversity in another dimension.