Interior Architect


LGHT002_ Light and City_ MSc 2st

Sep . 2020  -Dic. 2020
Location: Castelvecchio,Verona, Italy Team: Margot Silvestrini, Marco Eugeni, Xiaoman Bai, Mariana Firigato


‘Can the lighting become the medium to let us feel close to each other during the pandamic?'

Maintaining 2 meters from other people is necessary under social distance, under COVID-19. Physical isolation is reflected on the low physical contact between people and increases the loneliness feeling among us. We can’t hug, hold each other’s hand and feel each other. On the occasion of "Festival della luce'' 2021 in Verona, our proposal is an attempt to respond to the question: Can the light be the medium to reconnect us and how?

The project proposes a lighting installation, including 7x7 illuminated rods, fog and interactive music, to be controlled by the rhythm of the heartbeat of the people who are touching the sensor of rod. Heartbeat is the core of the design of this project. We installed 49 rods in the garden of Castelvecchio and all featured the pulse sensor to promote people to touch it and translate their heartbeat into light and sound. People’s contact with the sensor affects the flicker frequency of light and forms a variety of collective lightscapes. The general lighting of the garden is provided by luminous pebbles considering the site's characteristics.