Interior Architect


EX003_ Professional Workshop

Oct. 2020
Location: MUDETEC, Sant'Agata Bolognese, ItalyTeam: Silvia Davoli, Stavros Zotos, Nour Mansour
Workshop Lead by Giuseppe Zampieri - Partner of David Chipperfield Architects Milan


‘Lamborghini Habitat and Environment. Recontextualized  the particular nature and specific field of Lamborghini car.'

The Lambojungle museum is inspired by the ‘natural habitat’ of Lamborghini cars: the factory. Museum is an expanded factory, the natural continuation of the production buildings. This mysterious world where cars are born is an undiscovered area waiting to be explored.

The atmosphere definding the ambience and enveloping Lamborghini. The goal of project is to represents the dynamism and innovation spirit of the Lamborghini car. By bringing the factory to the visitor, it also invites them to take a deep look inside the car, learning the technologies under the designed skin. The visiting journey is divided in four chapters which guide the visitors into an unforgettable scenographic experience.