Interior Architect


EX001_ Personal Work

Jun. 2019 -  Aug. 2019
Location: Kaschiwazaki, Japan
Independent Work


The project explores the possibility of creating a bathhouse near nuclear power plant, which responds to the anti -nuclear crisis conditions and global warming. Nuclear power plant is most efficient, also have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and death rate among all kinds of power plants in the world. Although few severely nuclear disasters had led people to act against it.

My proposal integrates a Bathhouse (commercial tourism) near nuclear power plant taking advantage of its waste heat. It aims to design several spatial experiences which inspired by nuclear physical properties and nuclear power plants. The bathhouse maintains a historical identity as a place for social interaction. In ancient Greece, its function included education and training. Then extended to a social Center in ancient Roman with theatre, library and even market. Through a series of social and entertainment experiences, people begins to ease the existing tension and mistrust between public and nuclear power