Interior Architect


SCN001_ International Scenography Workshop 

Aug. 2019
Location: Teatro La Lira, Ripoll, Spain Advisor: Bibiana Puigdefàbregas 
Team: Lola García, Juliana Pinto,María Turreira,Weronika Walasz


The project is based on James Joyce's novel "Araby" which is one of the  stories collected in "Dubliners ". This is a story about a boy who falls in love with a girl, the desire of love grows and gradually become overwhelming, then lead to a tragical ending.

Based on the story, we took inspiration from the myth of Icarus, using metaphor of fire (an emissive ball) as one of the main character. Through the study of relationship between body, light and space, narrative and six main scenes are developed to tell the story. Location where the play is performed is an open public space designed by Rcr Arquitect in Ripoll.

Therefore, the stage designed has the particularity of the site and the characteristics of the space. While using architecture and lighting to create dramatic narrative, an immersive experience was provided and contemporary comforts such as built-in seating. Here, the audience is no longer sitting on the chair to watch the performance, but fully involved with the whole space, performance, sound, and atmosphere. The audience will run with the actors in the performance together to reform the plot of the drama.