Interior Architect


AD003_Bachelor Thesis

Sep. 2017- Jul. 2018 
Location: Naviglio della Martesana, Milan, Italy
Team: Tong Ruwei, Rosa la Natalia

Bachelor Thesis Supervisor: Angese Rebaglio


‘The Sound of Nature is a new silence shielding the noise of human activitis and a new way to recconect with nature.' This project is an attempt at exploring the design-oriented approach dedicated to the enhancement of the territories with plentiful history and nature sound, reforming the canal Naviglio di Martesana’ and making it functional and meaningful, which urges me to respect the site of the landscape and the history of the canal .

It's about movement but it's also obviously about the hustle and bustle of the city and rediscovering the silent sound of nature. We create several platforms in different levels to reconnect with nature and admire the surrounding monuments. Our goal is to be able to reproduce the conditions of tranquility, of calm in nature sound to propose to the users to have natural view as if it were 100, 200, 300 kilometres from Milan that is, to get out of the city in order to be able to read or rest in complete peace of mind.