Interior Architect


AD001_Personal Work

Feb. 2019 - May.2019
Location:  Zayton, China 
Indipendent work

Dedicated to my beloved hometown


Deji Gate Relic is an excavated archaeological site. A historic monument witnesses the rise and fall of Zayton port. The town of Zayton has rich historical relics of the Maritime Silk Road and is known for the "museum of religious". However, at present, the monuments are diffused in the city and lack of organization which make visitors confused and disorientated. The circumstances present a need to create an understanding of the Zayton history to guide the visitors visiting the city and rethink the values of inclusive culture.

The story of contamination is a story of the constant process of osmosis. This adaptive reuse project of Deji Relic Site aims to encourage 'contamination' across architecture and ground, time and space, culture and people. This project represents an opportunity to modify the neighborhood experience as a whole.